1-on-1 Coaching

Do you feel that there’s something holding you back in your communication, but aren’t quite sure what it is? Do you have an upcoming professional opportunity that you want to feel prepared for? Are you starting a new business and need help articulating your mission? Whether you have an immediate need or a long-term goal, our one-on-one coaching services take a structured yet collaborative approach to developing your storytelling skills.

How It Works

You will take two (one-hour) sessions per month within a three-, six-, or twelve-month time frame, with some light homework in between. Clients have the choice to attend their sessions in person in TMAS’ Center City office or join the session virtually through Zoom. The virtual option is great for clients who live outside of Philadelphia – whether on the opposite coast or merely a long commute from the suburbs. While each session is customized to meet your unique communication goals and build on the strengths you already have, coaching clients will choose from three coaching tracts before beginning our work:

▼ Professionals with a Leadership Role

“People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability, and tell the truth about their stories, are the real badasses.” — Brené Brown

What do true leaders all have in common? The ability to engage with and motivate others through effective communication. This takes vulnerability, empathy and an ability to share your story. If you’re looking to be recognized as a leader in your workplace or are in charge of leading teams but struggle to truly connect with them – this is the tract for you. Preparing for presentations, leading meetings and representing your company as a keynote or panel speaker are all topics relevant for this tract. If you’re interested, ask your employer about their policies on reimbursement for professional development – they may cover the cost!

▼ Personal Brand Builders & Change Seekers

“People respond to people who know themselves, who are authentic, who can communicate their emotions and who they are, that’s how we connect.” — Jenny Yang

You know you need something more – fulfillment, connection, authenticity, challenge, confidence. Whatever may be on the horizon, take this moment to invest in yourself. This tract is for those who know change is calling and want to be prepared. We can help you craft your personal Origin Story in a way that prepares you for new challenges, new connections and erases self-doubt in your voice. If you are looking to overcome stage fright and work on your stage presence, we will help you with that as well.

▼ Entrepreneurs & Start-Up Leaders

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, value, and agenda for an entire generation to come.” — Steve Jobs

As an entrepreneur, Hillary knows the unique challenges that accompany the role. This is why she developed a tract specifically for people in varying stages of building a business. We will work with you on stories that you can weave into your investor pitch, your podcast host intro (or guest spot), Kickstarer videos, IG and FB Lives and more. We'll customize a plan that creates genuine engagement in every public speaking scenario.

As an alternative to the six-session option, for this tract we also offer a Creating a Brand Story for You and Your Business – a hybrid of coaching and consulting. The TMAS team begins by conducting an introductory 90-minute interview. From there, we develop your story then fine tune it with you during subsequent strategy sessions. You will walk away with a fully baked brand story – both the written narrative and the public speaking version. We then work with you to develop an audio version of the story for your website, social media or podcast.

What it Costs

3 months (6 sessions) - $3,150 (or three monthly payments of $1,050)

6 months (12 sessions) - $6,150 (or six monthly payments of $1,025)

12 months (24 sessions) - $11,700 (or twelve monthly payments of $975)


  • Two 1 hour sessions of private coaching per month with Tell Me A Story founder, Hillary Rea.

  • Pre-speaking engagement warm-up calls or emails.

  • A TMAS Speak Up kit and worksheets

  • Unlimited email communication for questions, brainstorms and pep talks.

  • Option to audio record in-person sessions and video record Zoom sessions

Have questions? Visit our F.A.Q.’s page or you can schedule a 20 minute video call with Hillary to see if 1-on-1 coaching is the right fit for you.